Welcome to Sueños del Inka

Just 5 minutes from the Plaza de Armas and behind the artistic district of San Blas is Dreams of the Inka, cozy house with many years of history. Around it are the main tourist spots of Cusco, excellent restaurants and a host of local craft places.

Sueños del Inka was born as the dream of an enterprising Peruvian family at the end of the nineties. With much effort and dedication, in 2006, they manage to make their dream come true and inaugurate the Hotel an unforgettable June 24, Inti Raymi or Fiesta del Sol.

We have formed a great team of professionals with 100% customer orientation, attentive to the details and proud of their cultural legacy.

Magic and Charm
Travel through time and enjoy a differente stay. The walls and stone columns of this house will constantly remind you of the magic of Cusco as the capital of the Inca Empire.

Make yourself at home. We want you to take the best memory of our city. At Sueños del Inka our priority is your comfort and tranquility. We will be attentive to what you need.
Inka's Dream Legend
"Legend has it that the Inka, son of the Sun, dreamed of making his race an eternal empire that lived forever among the perpetual peaks of the mountain range. When sleeping in his rooms he traveled imaginatively through an enchanted universe in search of the magical powers of stone and water, fire and wind; discovering that each of these elements ran vital by their own blood, that they were the very essence of their divine power and that they flowed from within their veins as a source of inexhaustible energy. When he woke up every day, the Dreams of the Inka vanished fleetingly between the mists and the first rays of the sun, confronting him with an unexpected reality that quickly overwhelmed him, plunging him into long hours of sadness and anguish, not knowing what to do so that his vision of the magic and charm be ... (continue)"

Discover what Sueños del Inka has for you.
Mission and Vision
We offer different and unforgettable experiences for each of our guests, transmitting the magic and charm of Cusco.

To be leaders in the category of three-star hotels in Cusco thanks to the quality of our services, warmth of our collaborators and commitment to our country.